Jun 30, 2014

Biblical drawings II

Jesus Telling the Parable of the Prodigal Son:

 Christ in Heaven:



 Kiss of Judas:

God and Jesus:

 Sistine Chapelle:

Jun 25, 2014

Biblical drawings

Jesus Christ I:

 Jesus and John the Baptist:

Real Jesus, Real Beauty:

The Sun Chariot:

Jesus on the Mountof Olives:

Jesus Christ II:

God Enjoying Creation:

Creation I:

Creation II:

The Allmighty:

Jun 24, 2014


While walking on the beach in Cyprus I was contemplating on art and life. I found a deserted, trashy place right at the UN buffer zone. I was immediatly attracted to this abandoned part of the beach.Nature merged with human garbage.The air was moist and hard to breathe, I was alone, it was silence. Dead fish, cactus flowers, abandoned structures reminiscent of human activity in the past. I felt calm, and surrounded by the beauty of existence. When I got home my goal was to create a detailed painting in  which the viewer can submerge,as if He or She went on a  meditative stroll in nature.

On the other hand I was inspired by beavers, and the way they construct theire dam to create an appropiate enviroment. I find it similar to the way that human's build theire personality's based on memories and past experiences. Painting the beaver dam I had the chance to create the desired detailed image.But the dam isn't made of only natural elements, human garbage is incorporated.

I gave the title Plastiglomerate based on a new scientific discovery. A new kind of rock was discovered on the trashy Kamilo beach in Hawaii. Plastic debris has merged with volcanic rock to form a new kind of rock named Plastiglomerate. This new rock could be an indicatior of our era in the future.