Jun 15, 2013

Vision 001

  This is an illustration for my art book project "Visions":. It doesn't have a title, because the whole illustration started out without a concrete plan, or something specific to say. It depict's a surrealistic world which emerged from my memory.

  Below I will show you the process that I went trough in this illustration.
I started with a rough pencil sketch on paper, then I turned the page and drew a more detailed pencil sketch on the other side of the paper, with the first sketch showing trough the thin paper.
After this I scanned the drawing.

I continued work in Photoshop. I adjusted the levels then on another layer I started to add more dark values.
Afterwards I changed the color, added more detail and changed the color once again using the overlay layer mode.

 Afterwards I resized the canvas to add in more of the figure, worked on details, then resized the canvas again.

Here is another version based on the same pencil sketch:

And in case you're wondering how my desktop looks like here is a photo :P :

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