Jun 15, 2013

Vision 001

  This is an illustration for my art book project "Visions":. It doesn't have a title, because the whole illustration started out without a concrete plan, or something specific to say. It depict's a surrealistic world which emerged from my memory.

  Below I will show you the process that I went trough in this illustration.
I started with a rough pencil sketch on paper, then I turned the page and drew a more detailed pencil sketch on the other side of the paper, with the first sketch showing trough the thin paper.
After this I scanned the drawing.

I continued work in Photoshop. I adjusted the levels then on another layer I started to add more dark values.
Afterwards I changed the color, added more detail and changed the color once again using the overlay layer mode.

 Afterwards I resized the canvas to add in more of the figure, worked on details, then resized the canvas again.

Here is another version based on the same pencil sketch:

And in case you're wondering how my desktop looks like here is a photo :P :

Jun 12, 2013

Female Don Quixote

    I started out by sketching a parodied version of Don Quixote,then in the process I decided to make a female character,below I show you the process:

Jun 10, 2013


I have a big plan to make an illustrated art book titled "Visions".
I got support from the Communitas Foundation for this project.
I got almost a year to finish the book, which will contain similar illustrations like the one below.
I'm also planning to show the process of the illustrations on this blog.
The final book will be printed in limited edition, depending on how much money I will have,so if you would like to support this project you can do it by clicking on the Paypal button at right.

Jun 3, 2013

I just had some fun by modifying a Jan Toorop portrait.
Check out Toorop if youre in to art noveau.