May 16, 2013

The King is Naked!

Inspired again by a music video: iamamiwhoami.
The idea for the title came from fellow artist Beaver. Below I show you the process:

Having the idea of a retarded king in mind, I made the initial sketch with
just a few lines indicating the position of the figure:

Then I reduced the transparency, resized the sketch and on a nother layer
I made a more detailed drawing:

After detailing the drawing I made a new adjustment layer and
changed the color: 

Finally I added some color on a new layer
using the overlay mode. I left the painting
pretty  loose, and it also turned out to bee kind
of a self portrait:

May 9, 2013

Inspired by Apex Twin's videoclip: Come to Daddy.
Here you can see the process from initial sketch to finished painting:

May 7, 2013

Some sketches, and figure studys of fat and skinny woman