Jul 16, 2012

1 Year

I started this blog one year ago. So maybe it's  time to reflect on it a little.
Last summer,when I started the blog my goal was to get used to,and develop my skills in digital art. I really like this transition of traditional to digital.I think it's mutch easier,than messing around with a bunch of piggments,and I like easy stuff :). At that time I was mutch occupied with street art. made some paste-ups,stencils.  Of course Banksy was the main ispiration. In september I applied for the masters degree at the university I went to for three years,and failed. My project was about street art,and the judges wherent wery impressed. So finally in my mind I quit all my intentions of going to school. Digital drawing became my main interest. In November applied for a job in the mall, printing tshirts and allmost anything in a gift shop. So untill now pretty mutch what I did was going to work,drawing at home and drinking with my frends. Now Im on my first holiday and have little more time to think.

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