Apr 23, 2012

Basketballer girl study

This painting was made after a photo.Credits: idahostatesman.com
I was captured by the emotional content of the photo,so
I was inspired to make this study painting.

A tiny color study after Alex Kanevsky.

Apr 11, 2012


Just watched Project Nim. This movie is more about
the dark side of humans than the human side of chimps.

Apr 5, 2012

Cannibal chickens

At home we are keeping some chickens. Well im not involved at all at keeping them,i just sometimes watch,or photograph them. Every once and a while i realise that how bad my family is at keeping animals. So i noticed lately that the chickens where picking each others feather. This was pretty disturbing but i tought ,well they are just feathers, they'll grow back. Obviously they had some kind of disorder,I mean something was missing from their diet,so they tryed to replace it by picking each other. As it turns out cannibalising each other. Today I was checking them out and I was shocked, one of them had a huuuge hole eaten away from her thigh.I begged my parrents to kill her,so she won't suffer,but they where very busy the whole day and where tired. I never killed a chicken,so the only way I could deal with this was painting and writing about it. Hopefully this chicken will be in chicken heaven tomorrow.